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  • Summary: ***** Winner of Editor's Choice globally on the App Store! *****Addictive Original 3D Puzzle GameFold paper characters then combine their abilities to solve puzzles and collect stars!Paper Titans is a charming and gentle papercraft-inspired puzzle adventure set across 45 lovingly crafted and beautifully realized levels.Designed for players of all ages and abilities, Paper Titans starts as a relaxed and leisurely experience and gradually builds to a fiendishly challenging finale. Can you three-star every level?- No In-App Purchases- Simple intuitive one-touch controls- Instantly accessible gameplay for all ages- From the team that brought you the critically acclaimed Kumo Lumo“The prettiest game on iTunes... no other mobile game has quite the fluttering heart this one does.” - Kotaku“Paper Titans is gorgeous. From the menus to the papercraft characters you can actually print out and make, every part of the game's presentation screams quality.” - Pocket Gamer “Paper Titans is immersive and entertaining, and you will get your money's worth!” - “Imbued with enough quality, charm, creativity and style to make many a ’proper’ game blush.” -“More than just a pretty face...  a very well-made and entertaining puzzler” - IGN Expand
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  1. May 9, 2013
    Paper Titans is definitely one of the best-looking iOS games I've seen. Thankfully the impressive visuals aren’t the only thing it has going for it.
  2. May 6, 2013
    Paper Titans has a unique presentation style and a lot of personality on top of a rather standard, if not enjoyable three star puzzle experience.
  3. May 3, 2013
    It's certainly a looker, but Paper Titans is a little too shallow once you get past its gorgeous facade.
  4. Jun 12, 2013
    Delightful to watch and wonderful to listen to, but not terribly interesting to play. It's a handsome exercise in the rote that falls short of what enthusiastic chin-scratching ambitions it may have had.
  5. May 7, 2013
    I think Paper Titans might be a bit of a misnomer here, as nothing about this game – not the characters, nor the world – is particularly epic in stature or in the fun department. While my initial impressions were that Paper Titans would be a stunningly original creation like origami, it becomes painstakingly clear after only a few minutes of playing that this is one platform adventure that has instead been through the paper shredder more than a few times.
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