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  • Summary: PartyWord is now available for the iPhone/iPod Touch! Play the party game everyone is talking about!

    ***Great for Family Get-Togethers, Christmas Parties, Birthdays, Church Functions, You Name It!***

    PartyWord is the next evolution for the game of charades or Guesstures™. Laugh out
    loud as you guess what words other teammates attempt to act out. Partyword is great for any occasion since up to SIX (6) teams can play. PartyWord contains over 450 fun words in 5 levels of difficulty. Want to really turn on the heat?! Include a LIGHTNING ROUND in your game where players try to act out as many words as they can in 90 seconds. Be careful though – pass a word and lose points!

    Best of all, you only need ONE(1) device to get the game started! Don't waste time setting up cards, timers, pieces, game boards and more. People will lose interest by the time you're ready to play!

    With PartyWord installed, all you need is just your iPhone/iPod Touch!! PartyWord is great for that spur of the moment game when everyone wants to play something. Buy it TODAY to have on hand so you don't miss your opportunity!

    Don’t feel like acting out words – DRAW them instead! Use PartyWord as a word generator for impromptu games of Pictionary™.

    Without a doubt, PartyWord is sure to enliven any get-together!

    -->Have word you would like to suggest for a future version? Submit your suggestions via your iPhone or iPod Touch at:

    -->Have a comment or technical problem? Please email them to:

    Love ADDICTIVE code-cracking word games with a secretive flair? Search for 'THE ENIGMA MACHINE' also by Crude Games

    Product developed by Opie Productions LLC in collaboration with Crude Games LLC.

    Similar to games like: Guesstures, Pictionary, Guestures (if you misspell it), Catch Phrase and Charades.
    (Trademarks are the property of their respective owners)
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