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Summary: # # # Solve chess checkmates with Penny Checkmate # # # Do you play chess, but keep missing checkmates in your chess games? Build up your checkmating skills with Penny Checkmate! Do you love puzzles? Forced checkmates in 1, 2, or 3 moves are excellent puzzles: Penny Checkmate is for puzzle-lovers too! Do you want to learn chess, but don't know where to start? Learning to force checkmate is a great place to start! Try Penny Checkmate today! Three Free episodes of "Penny Checkmate" are available in the free app store. Start with all three free episodes: 1.0, 2.0 and 3.0 If Episode 1.0 is too easy, try Episode 2.0; And if 2.0 is too easy, try Episode 3.0; When you have finished the free problems, more Penny Checkmate problems are available in the paid app store. Features of "Penny Checkmate - Win in 1 Move - Episode 1.0" - 15 checkmate-in-1-move problems. - Every problem is from a real game. - You succeed in solving every problem. For each mistake you will see a clue. Three mistakes on one position and the move is made for you. - Only strongest moves are scored as correct. - Exactly one correct answer per position you play. - The problems are presented to you in random order. - International support: ----- No non-localized text when Penny Checkmate is running. ----- International-standard figurine algebraic notation. ----- Icons in colors, instead of letters for pieces. - Piece colors are randomized every time you start Penny Checkmate, or return from setting options. This focuses the brain on chess with no reliance on color-memory. - Penny Checkmate does not use the network after it is on your iPhone or iPod Touch. How to play: - Start the app and you are playing. - Your opponent just moved. See the move in the notation list. You play the other color. - Tap your piece to select it. Then tap the square to move it to. To un-select tap the selected piece. - When you have created checkmate, tap the Green Arrow to go to the next problem. ----- Tip: Use the Blue Arrows to re-examine the positions in the problem. - Your pawns always move up the board, toward the status bar. - When you promote a pawn, it becomes a queen automatically. - The board is rotated so that your home-row (or home-rank) is down by the home button. ----- If your moves are in the notation list's left column, your side moved 1st in the game. Your home-rank is a1-to-h1. ----- If your moves are in the notation list's right column, your side moved 2nd in the game. Your home-rank is h8-to-a8. - When you start a problem, your opponent just moved. The actual move number from the real game is the 1st number in the notation list. - When the Blue and Green arrows are visible, some additional information is also visible below the board: ----- 1st number: The number of uncorrected errors you have made. ----- 2nd number: The length of your winning-streak, or the number of problems you have done consecutively without making any mistakes. ----- 3rd number: The average number of seconds-per-move you spent making your last 10 moves. ----- 4th number: To the left of the "i" options button is a unique number identifying the problem you just solved. - Tap the "i" button to set options ----- At the top: Tap any color pawn to enable/disable the color. ----- In the middle: Use the slider to speed up or slow down animation. ----- At the bottom: Tap the speaker to enable/disable sounds. - Use the Home Button, the Sleep/Wake Button, or the "i" options button at any time. Everything is saved for you, and restored when you come back. Fuller descriptions of Penny Checkmate features, support, more information, and tips on how to play are available at
Developer: Seabeck Software LLC
Genre(s): Miscellaneous
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