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  • Summary: *COMPETITIVE PRICE WITH GREAT FEATURES! Are you a game addict? Chess addict? Math nut? Fan of history? Get out your arithmetic, geometric, and musical proportions to play The Philosophers' Game (also known as Rithmomachia, The Battle of Numbers, Ludus Philosophorum), a mysterious, long forgotten, chess-like game. This game was played between the 11th and 17th centuries, but, unlike chess, it has all but disappeared.Implements the Ralph Lever and William Fulke rules (first kind), including Great, Greater, and Greatest Triumphs.GREAT GAMEPLAY FEATURES:*Turn Based Gaming via Game Center-- This is the way chess-like games should be played!-- No wait to start or join a game. Just play now and play often.-- No need to be connected online to the game while you wait for your opponent to play. -- When it's your turn again, you'll be notified by Game Center.-- No annoying computer opponents. Use real people as your opponents.*Local Networked Gaming-- Both WiFi and Bluetooth support-- Games are automatically saved*Traditional Pass & Play mode-- Sit across the table from your opponent and play. Or just pass the device."The most noble, ancient and learned play, called the Philosophers' Game, invented for the honest recreation of students, and other sober persons, in passing the tediousness of time, to the release of their labors, and the exercise of their wits, set forth with such plain precepts, rules, and tables, that all men with ease may understand it, and most men with pleasure practice it." - excerpt from The Most Noble, Auncient, and Learned Playe (1563) by Ralph Lever and William Fulke Expand
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