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  • Summary: On the right, you have a gas company rep keeping track of your budget and continually pushing you to create the most direct economical route - every piece of pipe costs money and every second counts. Meanwhile, on the left you have a local farmer gauging your impact on the area and community. Lay your pipe too close to the pastures and risk springing a leak that kills livestock and makes people sick. Build through forest or near water and you will incite protesters that block your path. Suffer a leak or raise local indignation too far and risk potential pipe sabotage that could end your operation. Expand
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  1. Apr 25, 2013
    Pipe Trouble is a great twist on a classic that presents brand new puzzle challenges with the same arcade action. The entire game is so polished, and yet it comes to an end too quickly. Pipe Trouble is worth picking up for some high quality enjoyment, and we just hope for more, because what’s included is that good.