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  • Summary: ****************************************** * Featured Apple Staff Favorite Game (US)* ****************************************** Don't let the Pirates loot the booty. STOP THEM!! You have an arsenal of cannon balls and bombs to shoot the pirates with. An alligator, which you control to attack the pirates.

    Enjoy five levels of shooting a great pirate line up on different islands.

    - Shoot a pirate down with a canon
    - Drop a bomb from a moving helicopter, you can control the helicopter to change direction as needed to attack.
    - Direct an Alligator to attack the Pirates. You control the alligator, you can change it's direction when it's lurking in the water, hold it down to wait for the best moment to attack.
    - Game is saved when you stop playing, you have a choice to resume playing a saved when you start the next game.
    - High Scores can be saved locally
    - Three Skill Levels: Easy/Medium/Difficult

    Controls :

    - Fire the cannon by tapping on the screen
    - Change the cannon's firing angle by rotating your touch up/down anywhere on the screen

    - Drop a bomb by tapping the helicopter
    - Change the helicopters course by dragging it in the direction you want it to go ( Left or Right )

    - Tap the alligator to trigger a Pirate attack
    - Touch and hold
    - Hold it a little longer and it pauses
    - Tap to make it move
    - Change the alligator's direction by touching and dragging it in the direction you want it to go ( Left or Right ).

    Scoring ( based on Skill level ):
    - +300 for every pirate shot/attacked.
    - -200 if pirate escapes with the loot.
    - Bonus based on skill level for unused canons, bombs and alligator's.

    Demo: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yODS7ToPSfU
    Twitter: http://twitter.com/animagik
    Website: www.pirateshoot.com

    Yappler-Tags: Games, Arcade, Kids, Teens, Pirate, Shoot, treasure, island, bomb, cannon,
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