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  • Summary: When ships get lost on the sea they are pulled to the Kraken’s Kitchen! Slice seadogs with your fingers to turn them into the worldwide famous Pirate Sushi. But be aware: Even when all sailors are juicy and can be slashed into sushi, Krakens has a high Civilian Intolerance. Just a couple of them will blow a great feast.

    Pirate Sushi features AAA Graphics that will amaze you with the power of your new devices.
    Bringing a full 3D experience from the menu to the high quality animations.

    Pirate sushi shows a frenzy adventure where you can Slice, Dice and Squish all the Buccaneers.

    While using incredible Combos, Multi-Slicing and PowerUps to bring taste into the sushi!

    But more than just playing a few modalities of Slicing and Blowing Sailors, Pirate Sushi introduces CHALLENGES!

    You are faced with lot of missions that will make you enjoy this game for hours and will truly show your Eye-Hand coordination and yours Sushi Skills!

    Play simple modalities or try the full challenges to give the Kraken the best meal!

    The Kraken is the most legendary Chef of the 7 oceans so expect no less than the best Slicing adventure ever!
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