Pirates VS Zombies - Defend the Golden Treasure Island Against Zombie Tsunami Image
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  • Summary: Ahoy, matey! Run for your life and battle undead buccaneers in Pirates Vs. Zombies, the endless running game for horror and adventure fans alike!A horde of frightening foes has invaded your territory. Spring from left to right and shoot all the spooky scallywags that get in your way. Arrr you ready?- Defeat pirate zombies with your trusty pistol! - - Time jumps correctly or plunge into the mighty sea! -- Run as long as your land-lubbing legs can handle! -Pick up diamonds, treasure chests, and gold doubloons as you make your way along a series of zombie-infested ships and docks. Shiver me timbers!Play as Guy or Captain and fire at zombie pirates, parrots, walking skulls, and other scary scoundrels! Collect enough booty and you can unlock swashbuckling heroes like Jack the monkey and Sophie the pirate! Dead men tell no tales. Download your free copy of Pirates Vs. Zombies and you’ll be telling all your friends in no time!***FEATURES***- FREE PLAY- Vibrant graphics- Fun zombie-fighting gameplay- A gang of ghostly enemies- Easy run-and-jump controls- Awesome unlockable characters Expand
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