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  1. Aug 13, 2012
    Pocket Army isn't a game I'd recommend to someone looking for a deep, interesting strategy title. But if you someone who's comfortable investing hours into a grind for a treadmill of upgrades and a game that, while shallow, gets more interesting the more time you put in, then you should probably get started.
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  1. Sep 10, 2012
    Pocket Army is a game well worth your time if you enjoy an old-fashioned grindfest of a game. It won't blow you away with story, itsPocket Army is a game well worth your time if you enjoy an old-fashioned grindfest of a game. It won't blow you away with story, its localization is sometimes suspect, and as for depth you won't find much more in gameplay than what you do from the start. But what it does, it does extremely well.

    You play as a nameless hero. Your job is to kill bad guys through simple touch interactions, gain XP, coins and gems, as well as train an army (see what they did there) to head into battle with you. Things become increasingly more rewarding, as well as difficult, in an effective and well-paced manner. The troops you train become more powerful the more you upgrade them, which is based on real-world time delays like many iOS games. You also unlock better gear and troops the higher level you become.

    The thing Pocket Army does much better than games of its ilk is to avoid the necessity of the loathsome in-app purchase. While it does have IAP available, it feels more like an option for the lazy or impatient than a necessity for success. With a bit of consistent play, the game will reward players with coins, used to train troops, upgrade their damage, and buy normal level gear, as well as giving you the more valuable in-game currency, gems. Gems are used to hurry the training or upgrading of troops, as well as for purchasing boosted gear. With only a few hours of time in-game, I was able to purchase several pieces of stat-boosted gear and upgrade most of the first few troop classes all the way using coins. As with most games it gets more difficult as time goes on, but the rewards keep you coming back. You'll never be wanting for the currency, You get coins and gems for battling, leveling up, completing simple quests, particular battles that spawn three to four times every ten minutes, and even just playing every day.

    The multiplayer function adds another element to the game if you have friends around your level that play. Otherwise prepare to be slaughtered repeatedly as most of the random opponents the game offers you will already be max level.

    All in all, a terrific time-suck of a game that will entertain you longer than you think.
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