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  • Summary: ** FREE for the first week! **Pocket Hoopla! is the single player version of the iPad board game Hoopla!. Pocket Hoopla! let's users play three different mini-games in various game modes to compete for Game Center Achievements.There are three different mini-games that make up Pocket Hoopla! including: Trivia, Unscramble (anagrams), and 5 Strikes (guess the word/phrase). Pocket Hoopla! contains over 1,000 combined challenges for these mini games!Pocket Hoopla! contains three game modes; Quick Game, Endless Game and Time Trial. Quick Game has 10 tens turns consisting of random mini-games. Endless Game pits you against random mini-games; the game ends when you lose your first turn. Time Trial gives you one minute to solve as many mini-games as you can.The three game modes of Pocket Hoopla! all have three different difficulty levels; Kids, All Ages and Adults. Read the in-app Rules to learn more about how to play Pocket Hoopla!!Features---------------------------------------------* Over 1,000 combined game challenges (trivia, anagrams, words/phrases to guess)* Three game modes (Quick Game, Endless Game, Time Trial)* Three difficulty levels (Easy, Medium, Hard) to ensure fun for everyone that wants to play* 26 different Game Center AchievementsFor more information or to contact us with questions/suggestions, visit http://www.hooplagame.com.Have fun! Expand
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