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  • Summary: Pocket Jockey has been getting the attention of reviewers and iPhone enthusiasts everywhere. Here's what some have to say: "Spanktastic" - The Unofficial Apple Weblog "Surely Turning Heads" - iPhone3GIndia.com "Really enjoyable game that is definitely something you should check out" - AppVee

    "Simulates horseracing in most suggestive way possible" - Gizmodo

    Pocket Jockey is a full-body horseracing game. Compete against your friends or race solo in this fast-paced motion-and-audio experience!

    The closer you gallop to the beat of the song, the faster your horse runs! An occasional whipping makes your horse go even faster.

    There are 3 fun ways to race:

    •Jumping up and down while holding the device in front of your face (whip by flicking)

    •Bouncing your legs after putting the device in your back pocket (whip by spanking yourself!)

    •Tapping the screen (whip by flicking)

    Keep track of the race by watching the colorful jumbotron screen. For an extra challenge, put the device in your pocket and listen for the race sounds!

    Playing multiplayer is easy: all you need is a Wifi connection and a friend who has Pocket Jockey.

    Get ready for a full-sensory gaming experience like no other!
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