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  • Summary: -----> waiting approval for release 1.0.1 with some bug fixes <----- - Multiplayer location based team game to be played outdoor with your iPhone - Minimum number of player: 6 - Game objective: defeat the antagonist teams by incorporating players in the polygon area described by the Gps position of the member of your team

    - Game rules:
    . Every Player register himself through the app and logs in
    . A Player (the Team Leader) may define a new Team specifying a name and a color
    . The Team Leader compose the Team by adding existing Players to it (at least 3)
    . A Player (the Battle Organizer) may define a new Battle specifying a name, a starting date and time, a maximum ending date and time, a battle type (direct elimination or score based)
    . The Battle Organizer compose the Battle by adding existing Teams to it (a Player can not belongs to more than a Team that plays the same Battle)
    . The Battle is not playable until the starting date and time arrives and the minimum number of players (6 in two team) are connected. At this point the Battle Organizer can activate the Battle
    . Every time a player enters in an antagonist polygon area:
    . is eliminated (if the Battle type is direct elimination); if the team members number decreases to less than 3 the team is eliminated
    . give a point to the antagonist team (if the Battle is score based)

    - The winner is:
    . if the Battle type is direct elimination: the last remaining Team or, if the maximum date and time is reached, the Team with more players
    . if the Battle type is score based: the team with more points at the end of the Battle
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