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  • Summary: Ponzi Poker is the only game that blends all of the best elements of poker, solitaire, and investment fraud! Where else can you earn points by defrauding the elderly, incompetent, and gullible? Nowhere (besides the Forbes Rich List, of course)!Here's how Ponzi Poker works in a nutshell: during most turns, you draw two Investor cards and select one to add to your Pyramid of Investors. Once you select an Investor for your pyramid, you draw four Investment cards (standard poker deck) and select two of them to add to your Accounts. To earn money, you must "pay off" Investors by providing them with their desired poker hand from your Accounts. Easy enough, right?Well, sometimes (always) even Ponzi schemes don't work out as planned. Not every Investor you recruit will trust you with their hard-earned money and join your pyramid. Instead, these suspicious investors will spout off nasty rumors (facts) that you are promising far more than you could ever hope to pay out. When this happens, panic sets in. Investors will stop joining your pyramid, Investment cards will come in at a trickle, and your existing Investors will start getting panicked and demand to be paid off. Fail to promptly pay off all of your panicked Investors, and the panic will spread and spread until your entire pyramid is in revolt. Let this happen and your scheme goes up in smoke. Oh, and even if you do manage to prevent total panic, don't get too cocky. When you "borrow from Peter to pay Paul," you'll never really be in the clear — accumulate enough suspicious investors and no amount of eleventh hour payouts can keep your scheme afloat.So, you're asking why run a Ponzi scheme if it's likely (100% certain) to fail? Excellent question, but what's that behind you? Nothing? Well, it was worth a shot. What was your question again? Oh, right, the point... destined to fail... right, right... Well, if certain failure didn't dissuade such luminaries as Carlo Ponzi or Bernie Madoff, why on earth should it dissuade you? The point isn't to get away with anything — that's just crazy talk! The real point is to have as much fun playing with other peoples' money for as long as you possibly can! If you wipe out a few peoples' retirement accounts in the meantime, don't fret — I can set them up with all sorts of other investments they can make that will replenish those accounts and more in no time flat!Give Ponzi Poker a try. It's the only game that lets you have all the fun of fraud without any of the risk of spending 5-10 years in a minimum security prison! Expand
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