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  • Summary: Pop Heads Music Quiz is the ultimate multiple choice brain game featuring the stars and superstars of The Vinyl Years – with questions from The Fabulous 50s, The Swinging 60s, The Sizzling 70s and The Clubbing 80s.The challenge is to score maximum points – 30,000 – in the minimum time. Each quiz comprises 10 questions with a time limit of 90 seconds.To play a game touch the TAKE QUIZ button - a clock is visible at the top of the screen.There are four options for each question - touch the screen on the answer of your choice.A correct answer will give you a green tick and (audio) a drum fill.An incorrect answer will give you a red cross and (audio) a guitar strum.Touch the NEXT button for the next question.Should you wish to PASS on a question during a game, that question will reappear at the end of the game, time permitting.Each quiz ends when the 90 seconds has expired - when the screen automatically takes you to the RESULT page.Should you beat the clock and complete the quiz before the time expires, touch the SUBMIT button – and the TIME taken to play that quiz will be displayed with your score on the RESULT page.The result of each quiz will automatically be recorded to your HISTORY page - view your HISTORY for each decade from the HOME page.For each question -First choice correct answer is worth 3,000 points.Second choice for correct answer is worth 2,000 points.Third choice for correct answer is worth 1,000 points.Maximum score for each quiz is 30,000 points. Expand
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