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  • Summary: porTable Pro is a real-life tabletop gaming simulation using cards, chips or dominoes.Use your iPad as the main game table and other iOS devices to hold your items in your hand. No pre-defined rules: it's only you, your friends, and your game!With porTable Pro you have all features of free version with ?50% discount and no in-app purchases forever! Not sure about Pro version? Try ? porTable Free ? !????? Awesome! One of a kind! We can finally play games as a family again.????? Best way to play cards using iPhones!? CARDS ? Fully customizable deck of cards? Dual deck support? Auto-deal ? Beautiful card backs? Five configurable deck presets? Gestures to shuffle, spread, collect and more? POKER CHIPS? Customizable chip sets? Convenient exchange? Dealer tray? Various chip styles? Natural sounds? Gestures to stack, exchange, and more? DOMINOES ? Double-6 domino set? Auto-deal ? Various domino styles? Snap to a line? Spinner layout support? Realistic sound effectsFEATURES? iPhone 5 and iPad Retina display? Smart gestures (ribbon spread, fan spread, put into deck, shuffle and more...)? Connection via Bluetooth, WiFi or both? Notepad to save scores? Auto alignment on handheld device? Various colors for portals and tables? Set of custom styles for cards, chips and dominoesWe provide game items, notepad, physics and natural gestures. You choose any game you wish.? We recommend using Bluetooth connection for best game experience? No need to buy items on every device: once purchased on an iPad they are available to everybody who is connected!COMING SOON? Letter squares Expand
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