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  • Summary: The Pota-Toss Experience now comes to Single Player! No Internet connection required and no player on the other side. Tour the world and discover amazing levels on the world of Pota-Toss. Our new puzzle gameplay will give you hours of fun.

    Each new level includes a new power-ups and new
    evil spuds you will have to defeat. There's a puzzle on every location; solve it, kill the spuds and obtain a gold medal for outstanding tossing performance!

    Pota-Toss World Tour includes an amazing soundtrack by awarded Hollywood composer Zain Effendi and a new set of Pota-To Power-Ups to save you when the Spud invasion is upon your Potato nest.
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  1. Mar 2, 2013
    Pota-Toss World Tour needs to be beefed up with additional content, more engaging levels, and quite possibly new objectives before it can measure up to its predecessor. As it stands, it's a bland solo flick-based timesink, and you'll have it completed before you know it. More levels are being planned if the level select screen is to be believed, but for now we recommend sticking with the much deeper and intriguing Pota-Toss, complete with GPS augments.