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  • Summary: FREE FOR LIMITED TIME!Your village has been attacked by an evil tribe! As Lord of the Village, you must save your captured citizens. Use your Sacred Drum to summon the Spirits of battle to defeat the enemy. Use your Drum to fight and rise up the courage of your people. Restore your village to its original glory and awake the Spirits of battle to aid you in your quest to save your people. Your people are depending on you! Will you take responsibility and fight for your Village?! --A simple but novel feature which sets this game apart. Addictive, minimal fighting system with multiple characters and tons of skills to explore and use. --Grow your village by defeating the enemy and making the area safe for your villagers to start living.Highlights/ FeaturesSimple but challenging Tapping game.Exciting and novel fighting system.Multiple Spirits to unlock to fight for you.Fight the enemy and expand your village.Unique enemies.Brilliant and clean graphics.Adorable characters.Experiment with more than 20 different skills. Get Ready and Fight for your people!--?AppSpy: The art style is very minimalist, but the music and sound effects are pretty engaging.?????: ????????????????????????????????????????: ????????????????????????????--Find out more at: http://mozers.com Expand
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