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  • Summary: Princess Loli was kidnapped by UFO, save her using your fingers!

    The classic brick fun has now been redesigned, discover the endless fun of the traditional brick game with a set of revolutionary concepts:

    - Two finger control, fully utilise your multi-touch screen, you can play with your
    two hands or corporate with your friends!
    - 30+ unique levels(more coming soon), adventure across land, sea and space.
    - 10+ power-ups, enlarge/shrink, faster/slow, explosive/ghost ball, rocket launcher and much more!
    - Floating obstacles depending on weather, season and day/night, which make the game even fun and challenging.
    - Special bricks have special effect, e.g. ice bricks will be re-frozen in snow whereas whirlwind can make your balls bounce towards arbitrary direction, and so on
    - Three game modes: Adventure, Boss Rush and Survive
    - Adventure: the road to save Princess Loli
    - Boss Rush: rush through all boss levels, use as little time as you can.
    - Survive: destroyed bricks are regenerated, survive as long as you can.
    - Online leaderboard with OpenFeint
    - …much more for you to discover!

    Your dream of being a hero is now becoming true, get ready and go!


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  1. Apr 12, 2011
    Overall, this is a pretty, but still basic twist on the classic Breakout model, but it's a lot harder than I would have ever expected such a cutesy looking game to be, so go in expecting a legitimate challenge behind the pretty, pretty princess graphics.