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  • Summary: Puzzle Lines is a unique puzzle game inspired by the legendary game Lines released nearly two decades ago. Your goal is simple: keep the board as clean as possible. This is easy to learn but truly difficult to master. We don't just present to you a normal Lines-style game, but a whole new world of Lines where the balls are living lively with equally invested game modes.THE RETURN OF THE CLASSICWe bring back to you one of the most nostalgic game of all time with tremendous improvement and captivating graphic. The world of Lines is more alive than ever.TWO GAME MODESWe present to you the Action Mode besides Strategy Mode. While Strategy Mode corresponds to the simple Lines you used to play, Action Mode brings more actions to the atmosphere which is definitely not for newbie.DIFFERENT DIFFICULTIES FOR EACH MODEEach mode allows various ways of arranging balls: 4 balls in-line, 4 balls to a square and 7 balls banded together to form a block.DISTINCTIVE AND BEAUTIFUL GRAPHICThe graphic is simply beautiful and meticulously designed. The music is selective in every single screen: chilling theme in Strategy Mode and blizzard theme in Action Mode.LIVELY LINES IN ITS WORLDSound effects along with marvelous special visual effects make the world of Lines become ever more lively and mysterious. We try our best to offer the best Lines game experiences and we hope you enjoy the game.Trailer video:'t forget to visit our homepage for more information and upcoming events: Expand
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