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  • Summary: ------------------------------------------------------------
    The Puzzle Prism, a block based puzzle game, is available on iPhone/iPod touch.
    The application has gained a high reputation from the media!

    With a simple rule and a touch-screen control, enjoy the Puzzle Prism, featuring chain
    reactions which give you great exhilaration! ------------------------------------------------------------ [Various Types of Game Modes] - Enjoy the game without any time restriction in ?STANDARD? - Score as high as possible within a restricted time frame in ?TIME TRIAL?(<NORMAL> & <X Mode>) - You can enjoy the game in a different way in ?EXTRA?for advanced players - All of the game modes support a global high score ranking system (Input of nicknames is available) * ?TIME TRIAL?in <X Mode> For advanced players. The game starts at Level MAX from the beginning. Keep clearing layers which rapidly grows up. Can you keep playing until the end of the time limit? <X Mode> will appear and become available once your score reaches more than 50,000 points in ?STANDARD?. [Features to customize the game for more comfortable play] - Keypad functions to use your iPhone like a controller of traditional game devices (optional) - Listen to your favorite music on iPod while playing the game (optional) * To listen to your own music on iPod while playing the game, go to "OPTION" and tap "Mute" buttons of "BGM" and "SE". (The "Mute" buttons will be lit up.) ------------------------------------------------------------ Not only a big fan of block-based puzzle games, but also a beginner player will surely find the Puzzle Prism exciting! Go to the following web site(PC) of PONOS Corporation to see a movie of the game being played. ?You can also find the free trial version there, the Puzzle Prism LITE.? ------------------------------------------------------------ ?How to Play? Flick left/right to rotate blocks and down to drop. ?STANDARD?&?TIME TRIAL? You can score when you clear a layer by dropping and stacking blocks without any space. Get higher points by clearing layers with chain reactions within a specific time interval. Can you achieve more than one hundred chain reactions!? ??TIME TRIAL? has two different difficulty levels, <NORMAL> and more exciting <X mode>. ?EXTRA? This is a special mode for advanced players, in which you can enjoy the game in a different way! The light block at the bottom, which keeps going downwards, is the lifeline. To prevent the light block from going downwards and disappearing, keep filling in the layers right above the light block without any space. By doing so, those layers will be combined into the light block and you can make the light block larger. Try to keep the light block larger as long as possible! Expand
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