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  • Summary: PQ Chapter 1
    The Battle of Gruulkar is the first chapter in the trilogy of Puzzle Quest: Challenge of the Warlords for the iPhone and iPod Touch.

    In this chapter you will create your hero, choosing from a broad range of character professions. Will you be a mighty warrior, or a sagely
    wizard? A pious druid, or cunning rogue? There are 8 professions in total, each offering a unique approach to puzzle combat and each with its own list of powerful spells and abilities to master as your hero grows in power.

    But what is a hero without a quest? Chapter 1 begins the story of your epic journey, with each successive victory bringing you closer to the ultimate battle with Gruulkar, leader of the Orcs. Along the way you will gain experience, new spells and abilities, magical artifacts, arms and armour, and even mounts that aid you in battle!

    There is a vast world for you to explore, and as the main quest line progresses you will encounter new castles, side quests, and even attract party members that will offer to help you on your quest!

    Great for fans of Enigmo, Fieldrunners, Rolando, Hero of Sparta, Aurora Feint, Bravian Lands, Brothers in Arms, Everest: Hidden Expedition, Arvale: Journey of Illusion, Jewel Quest II and more!
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