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  • Summary: QBox is a challenging word game that features the magic of quotes through the ages in an interactive game play.

    After millions of online game-plays and the great success of QBox, with the celebrated Qwizzly owl on leading internet gaming sites, we bring you the special iPad edition with 3
    eras and over 1500 different quotes giving hours of game play.
    This game is educational, fun, and is suitable for anyone from 8-80 years.

    Game Features:
    * 3 different historical eras
    * 27 levels to really challenge you
    * over 1500 different quotes of wisdom.
    * 300 new quotes exclusively in the ipad version!
    * 3 kinds of bonuses for "for a little extra zest"
    * Sharing your wisdom on Facebook!
    * Endless hours of fun…


    Shuffle the letters to discover quotes by men of letters and fame.
    On each game board, letters of a quote have been scrambled. Switch the letters, vertically only, and find the quote. Watch out for blocked columns ....... they will challenge you while colored tiles may give you extra points.


    "Just discovered this game about a month ago, and i liked it. Been playing eversince..."
    paulamme - kongregate.com

    "I love this game, and that owl is the cutest! I wish they made more of these smart brain games."
    Fish - bgames.com

    "QBox is quite satisfying as a coffee break game. The difficulty ramps up nicely in later levels and your progress is automatically saved, so you don't need to indulge in a word puzzle marathon if you don't want to. In a pleasant intellectual feature, after completing a level, click on the author of the quote, and you're taken to the Wikipedia article on said author. It's a perfect game for a lazy Sunday morning, and even that smarmy little owl can't spoil your fun. "
    Kate - jayisgames.com

    "Great game! Actually have to sit and think about it. Unlike other games"
    Ragzo - kongregate.com

    "Qbox is a challenging, original and addictive Word game…"
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