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  • Summary: The battle between the divine and demon rages on! Enter this wonderland and pit against grisly monsters, evil spirits and wicked ghosts.????? Breathtakingly Oriental Charm ?????You will travel back in time and experience the beautifully crafted and richly detailed backdrop from ancient China. Build and decorate your own city, filled with Chinese palatial buildings, marshals, soldiers and residents.????? Create Invincible Armies ?????Train and assemble deadly swordsmen, warriors, monks, assassins, warlords, armourmen to destroy hoards of evil monsters and demons. ????? Tons of Potent Weapons ?????Loot weapons from monsters and equip your marshals with various helmets, armors, weapons, shields, boosts and horses. Those potent weapons will increase your army’s fighting strength and help you decisively win battles.????? Actively Manage Your City ?????Manage your population to optimize your resource production, and build constructions to show your prestige and unlock new tasks. Train powerful soldiers to conquer neighboring towns and increase your might and influence!????? Much More! ?????Weekly events, special promos and holiday packs will keep you busy as you earn extra resources and bonus!Note:Network connection is required to playWorks with iPhone 4, 4S, iPod Touch 4th gen, iPad 2 and new iPadWe would suggest you play the game on iPhone 4, 4S, iPad 2 and new iPad Expand
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