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  • Summary: This is the redesign of the original QuadChallenge!

    Now with Retina Display support!

    Are you bothered by boring train rides or the long wait at the doctor's? Are you looking for fun? Then QuadChallenge is the right game for you! QuadChallenge is a game of skill with absolutely
    addictive qualities, combining dexterity, speed and pattern matching.

    Your task is to delete tiles from the playing field by building rectangles with same-colored corner tiles with a single dragging motion. But there's a catch: you only have 4 minutes to get as many points as possible. If you've deleted the tiles new tiles appear in the gap randomly.

    Compete with other QuadChallenge players all over the world by uploading your highscore on the net.

    - global online highscore lists (free + full version)
    - 4, 5 or 6 colors (full version)
    - optional jokers (full version)
    - optional shake function (full version)

    Supported devices:
    iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, iPod touch 3rd generation and higher.
    iPhone 3G is NOT supported! Sorry. If you have got an iPhone 3G, please download the older QuadChallenge version.
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