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  • Summary: *** Glorious HD graphics Run&Jump game! ***Rabbit Dash HD is a thrilling rendition of Aesop Fable’s “The Tortoise and the Hare.”**Don’t relive history and set the record straight. Rabbit’s are in fact faster than turtles! Set in Ancient Greece you will compete against the tortoise in a dynamically recreated iPad Run & Jump adventure game. Rabbit Dash HD will give you an exhilarating experience and promises to bring loads of fun in a simple yet addicting game that players of all ages can enjoy.******* Awesome Bonuses! *****Grab 2 of the same items (below) and experience numerous and electrifying effects!***::Heart Item:: Earn 1 Extra Life for extended game play!**::Star Item:: Grow in size and experience invincibility!**::Clover Item:: Shrink in size but jump farther!**::Speed Item:: Burst through the stage by jumping 2x as far!********* Features ******* Race in 4 exotic locations: Rome, Egypt, Greece and Switzerland.*** Pass 4000M and unlock a new and exciting stage!*** Smooth and Fluid Graphics*** Beautifully Designed 3D Characters*** Global Leader boards – Compete against players from around the world!*** Responsive gameplay for accurate timing*** Simple-tap gameplay*** Exciting Bonuses!******* Game Buttons ******** Double Jump Button: Tired of dying so quickly? With this button jump super high with a double jump*** Light Button: Kick the turtle and extend your precious lead!* Special Tip: Execute a Kick after a double jump and be rewarded with one extra jump! Expand
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