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  • Summary: FREE FOR A LIMITED TIME!!! GET IT NOW‘Awesome app, I can play the game for hours!’ --- Stefan Brown, a popular gamer‘It’s 20 apps in one. ‘ ---Jason Taylor, a senior game reviewer This game is a multilevel challenging adventure game, you can use many weapons to attack the enemies or jump to avoid dangers.Now we have 2 scenes, one is ‘Alice in Wonderland’, the other one is ‘Aladdin& the magic lamp’, roles in the 2 scenes are all updated, you will go to a fantastic different world. Come have fun and demonstrate your skill to advance through our new levels and gain wisdom with this challenging game!Background:In Green Town, there was an old bookstore named Suess, the owner adopted a rabbit, he was active and curious about every mystery thing in the world. One day, the owner went out and left the Rabbit alone, he was asked to put away all the books in the bookshelf. Suddenly he discovered a secret room and opened a magic bottle, some black worms came out and immediately jumped into some books, they rewrote the fairytale world. So the Rabbit decided to cure the world, he must take the magic bottle and fight with all the dangers ahead!We have always been pursuing excellent funny games, we very much welcome and appreciate you to board our forum and share opinions!Features:?Attractive background story.?Wonderful scenery, multiple style cartoon figures.?Simple operation, jump, shoot, and escape, just use all your adventure spirit.?Collect gold coins and stars to get more weapons. Expand
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