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  • Summary: Rabisk is a simple, addicting and casual tetris like game with very high replay value and absolutely perfect touch controls that will respond quickly and accurately to your moves. Bu oyunu sat?n almak için te?ekkür ederiz! - ?????????????????????????

    Top Puzzle Game in several
    With very sharp doodle visuals, you'll have to manipulate the falling doodle blocks, by moving them sideways, with the aim of creating tetrominos (shapes composed of four square blocks each) of the same color.
    For each tetromino cleared you'll be rewarded. Different shapes give you different score and as the game progresses you'll enter new and quicker levels from a total of 17.
    Game ends when the stack reaches the top of the playing field, making impossible for new doodle blocks to enter.
    With 11 different types of doodle blocks ( 8 colors + multi-color + special drill + special bomb), Rabisk is a great game for all ages and a must have for every puzzle video game fan.

    Other features:
    * Multi-Color doodle block that you can combine with any other color
    * Special Drill doodle block that you can use to erase an entire column
    * Special Bomb doodle block that you can use to erase an entire row
    * Game saved at anytime - "You can answer calls, quit the game, use other app, run out of battery and etc... You'll always be able to continue your play later"
    * Disable/Enable sounds anytime
    * Probably one of the best control user interfaces for any game so far: Very intuitive and natural
    * Very understandable, natural and easy-learning-curve gameplay
    * Graphic tutorial included
    * Beautifully designed interactive menus
    * The funniest way to keep your mind sharp
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