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  • Summary: Are you looking for the CUTEST new animal game in the App Store !?Then get ready for RACCOON RUB! Meet FOSTER, MISTY and LAWRENCE, three furry friends in need of a good massage session. It has been a long day in the forest, and you’re the only one who can take care of them.Because even raccoons need to relax!------------------------------------------? FREE TO PLAY!? Meet some different raccoons, each with a unique personality? Use hands, lotion, towels, rocks, hammers – whatever the job takes? Give massages on a beach, in a pool or even on top of a giant cake? Hours of dynamic gameplay with your favorite raccoons? Relaxing music – just like during a real massage------------------------------------------*** Introducing the Raccoons ***Name: Foster RaccoonPersonality: Foster always has a smile – he’s as easygoing as raccoons come! He was recommended from a mutual friend at the Ambrosia Lemon Tea House, and often visits on his lunch break.Catchphrase: “I’ve got a nasty crick in my tail!”Name: Misty RaccoonPersonality: Misty has a strong work ethic – she’s a yoga instructor who takes on her students’ life stresses. A day at work leaves Misty sore and tired. She needs a confident masseuse to help unwind!Catchphrase: “Don’t come barking up my tree!”Name: Lawrence RaccoonPersonality: Lawrence knows how to enjoy himself – and it’s all about having others serve him! This raccoon isn’t easy to please, but if you make him happy, big rewards are in store!Catchphrase: “Better than a trash can with a loose lid!”------------------------------------------Follow us on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/raccoonrubVisit us on the web: http://www.raccoonrub.com Expand
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