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  • Summary: Can you race your courageous CHAMELEON through time to defeat the diabolical DR. GREYSCALE in this FREE platform game from TATE MODERN?Collect colour CHROMOs, defeat ever-changing enemies and get really, really good at jumping between platforms as you speed through twelve unique, gorgeous and challenging levels.Emerging from Monet's Water Lilies, you'll notice the platforms, enemies, backgrounds and music evolving to reflect the art of the last 121 years, as you pick up speed hurtling back towards the present. That is, if a fire breathing Picasso or rogue balloon dog doesn't get you first.FEATURES: - 12 unique, beautifully detailed levels, inspired by 121 years of modern art - Immersive time-travelling soundtrack changes for every level (don't miss the 80s synth) - 22 bizarre and brutal enemies to defeat and dodge - 30 achievements to unlock - 36 Chromos to collect - Grab INVISIBILITY and PAINT BOMB power-ups to destroy and outsmart foes - Visit Tate Modern to activate TURBO MODE: supercharging your jump and unlocking the deadly TONGUE ATTACK - Explore Tate's timeline of modern art in full - Pin sharp retina-display graphics - Free!Stop Dr. Greyscale. Save the world. It's a RACE AGAINST TIME.Good luck! Expand
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