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  • Summary: ***** Now iTunes appstore New & Noteworthy and Top Racing & Simulation app***** Special promotional price offer***** Feel your brain in high gear***** High voltage racing car experience***** Get the scoop of driving-both inside and outside perspective of car view Introducing 'Race Gear', a revolutionary 3D car racing game and learning tool for both kids and teenagers. Breaking too hard? You will see marks on the road. Try not slowing down enough before a wide turn and your car will slide, hit a divider or even spin out of control. Learn the physics of driving by practicing u-turns, sharp turns, wide turns, blind turns and find the optimal speed for each. With intuitive steering and breaking, you will be in control before you know it. Put your car in reverse and see what improper handling can do to your car within seconds. With inside and outside of the car views, you can learn the effects of your actions on the road from both, a driver’s and an observer’s perspective. Drive safe so that you can be a real racer in the game and in real life. Let’s dedicate us to safe driving and make our roads a better place for everyone.Important Note: For iPod touch, we recommend only new iPod touch 4th gen with latest iOS only. Wanna to watch video demo? Check http://www.sulaba.com***** Key Cool Features * Camera button - dynamically to change the inside and outside of the car views while driving.* Choose the car color (Red, Black, Blue, Yellow,Pink etc)* Artificial Intelligence (AI) for direction warning - If you are driving in wrong direction, it will alert with warning message and 3D direction arrow on top guides you all the time. * Various controls offered for accelerometer and steering controls * Steering: * Rotate the steering wheel to maneuver the car. *Paddles: * Press Bottom left paddle to apply breaks. * Press Middle paddle to apply reverse throttle. * Press Bottom right paddle to accelerate. *Sticks: *Vertical stick: *Slide the vertical stick to accelerate or slide it down towards red to apply reverse throttle. *Horizontal stick: *Slide the horizontal stick left or right to steer. *Motion: (Using accelerometer) *Holding the device in landscape mode. Rotate it back-and-forth to accelerate and rotate left/right to steer.* You can pause the game anytime and select various sound and control options.* Various Game play modes: *Timer Mode: *Complete the lap in less than the Best time to win. *Countdown Mode: *Complete the lap before the countdown over. * Drifting Mode *Speed up the car *Turn steering wheel to left or right abruptly *When the steering wheel is turned completely left or right, press and hold the break button. How much you will drift depends on how fast you were going.* Nitros - feel the heat - back of your car * Sound Controls: *On/Off: Toggle the sounds on or off. *Music: Adjust the slider to set the music volume. *Sfx: Adjust the slider to set the sfx volume* iPod control option during game play/resume ( Works only on iPad, iPad2 & iPhone 4g, not on 3g and iPod touch). * Beautiful scenic mountain terrains view all along, curved divided road tracks, bridges, tunnel, partial gorgeous scenic view from tunnel, green pastures, great looking side ways,side blocks & signs etc*********Requirements: iOS 4.0+Important Note:1) Stick option works on iPhone 3g & iPad only, not on iPod touch 4 and iPad2.2) iPod control option only during game play/resume mode. This options works only on iPad, iPad2 & iPhone 4g, not on 3g and iPod touch 4.3) Certain options & features may work on certain models & versions only.Check http://www.sulaba.com for support, and to learn more about our other exciting mobile apps including Ring Master 3d, Memory Puzzle, Word Teaser Pro etc Expand
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