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  • Summary: So you think you know stock car racing? Rev up your brain with the Racing NaimGaim. It is a simple but fun game to play - the computer starts with a name and you have to follow with a name that starts with the first letter in the last name of the previous name.

    For example, if the
    computer starts with Tony Stewart, you could respond with Stacy Compton (since it starts with an S). If you're able to respond with a name where the first and last name start with the same letter (i.e. Dan Daniels), you'll double your score. You can skip rounds and take a points deduction with the Skip button. If you fail to come up with an acceptable name in the alloted time, you move to the next 100 laps. After 300 laps, the race is over.


    In addition to double scores, you're awarded more points the quicker you can come up with an answer.
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