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  • Summary: Redefining both the shoot-‘em-up and the rhythm action genre, Radio Flare REDUX is a side-scrolling, multi-touch shoot-‘em-up thrill-ride, featuring retina-popping visuals and tub-thumping club anthems.

    Radio Flare REDUX is a highly stylized side-scrolling
    shoot-’em-up that makes exceptional use of your iPod touch or iPhone’s multi-touch capabilities, not to mention its headphone socket.

    Pilot your ship to the beat of the universe and blast a galaxy of invaders out of the sky. Weave through an intense sensory onslaught as you dispatch swarm after swarm of enemies, tapping the touchscreen, and your toes, as you go.

    Radio Flare REDUX is the hotly anticipated successor to the hit debut from studio radiolaris, Radio Flare, which was a finalist in the 2009 IGF Mobile and IndieCade competitions.

    Control your ship with one hand, while targeting multiple enemies with the other to unleash a sonic splash of destructive power. Battle through over 30 frenzied levels packed with power-ups, multipliers, combos, dozens of different enemies and distinct club-style visuals.

    Every aspect of Radio Flare REDUX is hardwired to the pulse pounding soundtrack of licensed techno, club and house music from an A-list roster of internationally renowned DJs and dance artists. The playlist including Kevin Gorman, Revolution Void, Motor, Binaerpilot and DJ Glow (from the original Radio Flare game), and techno labels International Deejay, Gigolo Records,, Buddemusic, Underline and more.

    • Musical gameplay experience: Play to the beat as your ship moves and shoots in rhythm. Target enemies and see them pulsate and explode to the beat of each song.
    • Levels: 33 diverse planet levels based on licensed techno, club and house tracks by internationally renowned DJs.
    • Visuals: Club-style visuals and fast-paced fights combine to create a synesthetic cosmic adventure for your senses.
    • Controls: Play with either multi-touch or virtual joystick options to pilot your ship as it pulsates through space, dodging opponents and intensifying the music.
    • Unlockable rewards: Gain stars to unlock new planets and take on missions that challenge your rhythmic combat. Unlock a Musical Toy sequencer that lets you arrange sound effects in rhythm and a Visualizer mode so you can cruise through a level without enemies to enjoy the stimulating graphics and music.
    • Crystal online leaderboards and mission-based achievements: Explore space with friends and compare your scores and results with Crystal’s dynamic social gaming network.
    • Tweet your screenshots: Use the screen capture feature to upload your gameplay screenshots and brag about your achievements on Twitter.

    “Radio Flare REDUX looks to be even more visually appealing this time around, with even more on-screen action, multiplliers and lots of bright, flashing colors that move along to your pace in the game.” – 1UP

    “Radio Flare REDUX: Prepare For A Meaner And Better Music SHMUP.” – TheAppera

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    studio radiolaris:
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  1. Mar 1, 2011
    Its bright, pulsating immersive environments and game play will completely engage you audibly and visually (I was drinking punch and cooking a quiche, so all my senses were engaged), have your head and heart pumping and your thumbs wiggling throughout every level of play. I thoroughly enjoyed playing through its 33 levels over and again.
  2. Mar 1, 2011
    I started to get bored with everything but the game's music after a while, but a good number of crazy power-ups kept things moving later into the game.
  3. Mar 1, 2011
    A wonderful melding of shoot em up and rhythm gameplay. There's nothing else like it on the iphone.
  4. Mar 1, 2011
    Redux is an improvement on the original game in some ways, but it also takes away some of the integrated audio flair that made it an immersive musical experience.
  5. Mar 1, 2011
    Radio Flare REDUX comes close to generating a connection between music and gameplay, though its entertaining action pulsates more with style than sound.