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  • Summary: Reader Rabbit - the multi award winning educational games for kids are now available on iOS devices!A 2011 Parents' Choice Approved Award Winner!Reader Rabbit 2nd Grade - Mis-cheese-ious Dreamship Adventure!While flying in their fabulous Dreamship, Reader Rabbit and Sam the Lion suddenly find themselves in the middle of a giant cheese ball ambush! The ambush was set up by the pesky pirates, who desperately want to capture the Dreamship. Can you help Reader Rabbit and Sam the Lion race to the top of Mount Cheesemore to recover the Dreamship before the pirates do? This game is designed to help kids learn basic 2nd Grade skills like Language Arts, Science, Problem Solving, and Math as well as Creative Exploration and Expression through a series of fun and entertaining mini-games. Game Features* Full video cutscenes and voice acting throughout the game including songs * Simple touch based controls perfect for younger kids* Multiple difficulty levels for each mini-game adding hours of replay value* In-game progress reports so kids (and parents) can track their progressionMini-Game Examples:Fondue Falls Vocabulary* Children practice their vocabulary skills by identifying common synonyms and antonyms. In addition, children search for pairs of words that can be combined to produce compound words.Cheddar Cheese Equations* Children practice math skills by creating and solving addition and subtraction equations, including those that require carrying and borrowing.Insect Builder Science* Children learn about characteristics common to all insects, and apply what they’ve learned in an artistic manner. As they are exposed to new vocabulary and concepts, children also experiment with pictures of insect parts to create pictures of actual insects. Plus many more for hours of education and entertainment....The Reader Rabbit software series has sold over 25 MILLION COPIES since 1993 and has won over 175 AWARDS and accolades! Every product under the Reader Rabbit brand undergoes extensive research and testing, with input from parents, children, and professionals in education. Each product features a precise balance of educational content and entertainment value, so your child has fun while learning! Expand
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