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  1. Mar 6, 2016
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. Pretty interesting game, with very good visuals and sounds, even by 2016 standards. The controls are a little finicky, especially at the start it's really frustrating to get a grip on the fighting, but it gets easier after around level 10 when you've got a hang of the character and fighting styles of enemies. The boss battles are HAARRRDD. Or rather, really really painful on my left thumb, which has to keep the Reaper moving while also spinning in a death-swirl.

    The only really sad part is that once you complete the final mission (Killing the Demon God), there seems to be nothing new to do, just fight mindless critters.
  2. Aug 12, 2014
    It's a casual beat-em-up with floaty controls, pseudo-RPG character customisation, and a boring comedy plot. It reminded me of Deathspank but without the "witty" writing. The fights are hugely repetitive, the enemies are palette-swapped every so often but there are only ever a limited number of them on screen and their attack and movement patterns are easy and dull. There are only 5It's a casual beat-em-up with floaty controls, pseudo-RPG character customisation, and a boring comedy plot. It reminded me of Deathspank but without the "witty" writing. The fights are hugely repetitive, the enemies are palette-swapped every so often but there are only ever a limited number of them on screen and their attack and movement patterns are easy and dull. There are only 5 buttons and it's incredibly, ridiculously easy to go flying into chasms by pressing L, L to do a charge attack. After spending a couple of hours on it, I have no sense of having achieved anything - it's just a timewaster. Expand
  3. Jan 12, 2015
    A bit overzealous. Could have been a great game, but combat controls are frustrating at best. Way too easy to lose health and fall into pits/jump onto fire. Try it for the free 10 levels, but don't waste your money.
  4. May 27, 2015
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. I want to like this game, it has a lot of potential, great design, fun story idea (a little repetitive and there aren't actually any real choices in the story as it leads you to believe, you will end up doing the things you don't want one way or another) I found it looking for something to be my next Swordigo. This game doesn't live up to that great example. The difference is that there aren't really problems to solve, rather just hordes to beat to level up even though there is a story with this, it isn't really a combination of problem solving and fighting, just fighting. My issues with Reaper: Once you get past the first few levels, the game play is generally difficult to the point that the joy goes out of the game. Even after you beat the game. Even after you beat the arena.. even after you get the best sword or two that deal 100 ish damage and have the best armor and trinkets.. even with a ton of added card skills.. the game just remains too difficult to really enjoy. (and I play a lot/am pretty solid, so for me to get frustrated with a game this much says a lot). Their are 2 probes for me.. one part is just sheer numbers and hit points of bad guys you have to fight. A challenge is great but after forever of jumping up and slamming down next to a bear to chip away at him it gets so old. I mean 20 or 30 times sometimes, really? especially when those 20 some jumps are down the drain with one bite from the bear because they claim so many hit points. Sure, get strategic and lure them to the side so you get attacked less bad guys in this grind, but you end up asking why on earth am I giving my life away to this repetition. The other part is that no matter how high you are in level or skill-set, the character is never quite fully what I consider "controllable".. to a degree sure yes, and sure you can direct him with a decent level of efficiency, but once you go into your spinning attacks, or jump, most of the time its anybody's guess how high he is going to jump, where he will jump, when he will spin or stop spinning unless you slam down, how long he will spin or stay in place and hammer on something.. ect.. This issue becomes critical when you are up against hordes (quadruple in numbers after 30th level or so) that are flying, jumping and on the ground. It becomes unfairly tilted to the game's side when you can't dodge or move with absolute exactness. After level 45 I finally just deleted the game because I started to feel that with even a great combo of skill and strategy and all the best equips and cards, the game is not rewarding.. I held on after 23 hoping it would be, but nope, never is. I beat the final boss back on level 38 or so, the game is just done at this point. You get locked in once you are on a level and locked out once you beat it. You can't go back into the levels you beat them which sucks because then you don't get the joy of going back and kicking their butts easily once your skills and equip are up to the task. Nor can you go back in and build points and money this way. To build the levels/dollars and get better swords/armor keep fighting the torken arena, which is fun a few times, boring after many. Once you are to the big boss level, and after it, you can also keep bopping between the closed level points and come across random encounters between the level areas. When you do this you may think it isn't going to happen, sometimes it takes six or 8 times but they will keep coming if you keep going around the area markers. It is slow often, other than the Torken arena, it's the main way of building enough coin to get the good equip and be able to be the boss god. If you get locked into the boss god battle, and can't win, just do what I just said and keep going around to the levels, having encounters and checking the store until you see an good sword/armor that does the job.. the really good ones are like 17k to 20k ish to buy but they are game changers along with the right cards. Annoying soundtrack over and over and over. Sorry, but this cool of a design and premise deserves a better soundtrack.. not the same amped up high paced song pretty much the whole game distracting you. Yeah, turn it down sure, but that takes away from the experience as the song does. And when buying things, pay attention to the red and green in the store, make sure you are buying things that show only green meaning better than the other sword or cowl. You can leave and come back a few times and diff stuff will be there, choose wisely. And the arena.. walk away after two rounds (until you have some good armor and sword to crush the third round) and keep coming back as it pays 1500 every time you leave after the second round. Walk away, don't be proud till you have the armor and skills. Last, learn to use your skulls of rage smash well, it is the key to surviving. Hit anything you can to gain the rage skulls then jumpslam or sword slam as much as possible.. only way to beat hordes. Expand
  5. Jun 5, 2016
    Она мне просто нравится. Лучший таймкиллер. Бои просто приносят удовольствие. Сюжет простой, но нужен ли он в такой игре? Боевка отличная, но мне не нравится задумка авто-ударов - больно казуально. Я все сказал.

Generally favorable reviews - based on 5 Critics

Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 4 out of 5
  2. Negative: 0 out of 5
  1. Oct 25, 2013
    Reaper’s main adventure can use a little more meat, but cutting up enemies should keep you busy regardless.
  2. Oct 23, 2013
    The last Hexage title is unexpectedly original. It is able not only to decline precisely and clean scrolling beat em up dynamics, but to mix them with a (unexpected) sprinkling of shoot'em up and a very simple but solid GDR structure. Absolutely worth the free try since level 10.
  3. Oct 22, 2013
    Reaper - Tale of a Pale Swordsman does nothing revolutionary, but it does everything pretty well. It's a simple, fun, good looking action RPG, full of quests, weapons and items for you to unlock.