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  • Summary: Defend your brick wall covering the fiery furnace of lava from the onslaught of the revolving cannon. Rage through 5 categories and 15 levels of rapid-fire action and fear inspiring sounds.

    Recoil is a breakout-style game that goes far beyond the traditions of the arcade-style game
    developed in 1976, that influenced the computer gaming industry for decades to follow. It features a 3D engine, full 3D sounds, physics engine, more levels, eye-catching graphics, ability to post high scores on the web, and much more.

    As the recoil of the cannon unleashes the steel balls, your goal is to prevent them from reaching the brick wall below. Choose from tapping with your thumb or finger using the sliding paddle to destroy the steel cannon balls…. but be aware of the red splitting balls that will wreck havoc on the bricks below. The tension rises as you increase levels and then on to even more pulse-pounding categories.

    Recoil offers players:

    • Two options for destroying the steel cannon balls, each delivering a totally unique gameplay experience

    • Rapid-fire action that will challenge the most experienced gamers and novices alike

    • Fear-inspiring game sounds that will raise the player’s awareness level as the rotating cannon lets loose

    • Ability to add high scores on the game’s website and participate in upcoming tournaments

    • Realistic physics and visual effects that deliver a superb gaming experience

    Recoil is an exhilarating experience of skill, timing, and concentration making it the perfect pick-up-and-play type of game. Don’t forget to visit the website regularly for upcoming tournaments.
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