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  • Summary: ???????????????????????????? Best space RTS on the App Store? Most original strategy game of the year???????????????????????????Relativity Wars is an awesome god-type strategy game, set in a universe which obeys Einstein’s theories of relativity! You will be exploring the universe, commanding fleets and deploying weapons that bend the very fabric of space and time.In Relativity Wars you play a God commanding a civilisation as they begin to explore the universe. Guide your charges in epic real time space battles against the Squishian menace! Relativity Wars is one of the most beautiful and polished games on the service. You will be playing in a gorgeously rendered galaxy and guided through the experience by an AI with full voice-over. Start your campaign today, you'll be conquering the universe before you know it, and you might even learn a bit of science! Note: A network connection is required to play???????????????????????????Praise for the xbox version of Relativity Wars".. As of the writing of this review I'd even consider this the best the service has to offer." -"What helps it to distinguish itself though is its use of physics, and its interesting take on space warfare. Who needs ships when it's possible to send a space/time wave across the galaxy to distort gravity?" -"a very enjoyable RTS for the armchair general who wants a fresh new alternative. The gameplay is balanced and thorough, trust that physics is the deadliest tool in space." - IMPORTANT NOTE ?????????? ? We have had reports of framerate issues on ? later levels with graphical detail set to high. ? If you are affected by this please change this ? setting from "high" to "med" in the options ? menu. ? ? We will be fixing this in an update very soon. ? Thankyou for playing the game. ?  ? The FunGameCo Team ?  ??????????????????????????? Expand
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  1. Apr 4, 2013
    Wow. Real time strategy meets 4X meets Einstein is a lot more awesome than most people might expected.
  2. Apr 15, 2013
    Relativity Wars struggles to find the right balance of difficulty from start to finish and comes off as merely decent.