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  • Summary: Bored of more of the same? Get ready for some fresh gameplay with Rescue Aliens!Help your goofy alien friends escape from earth one addictive puzzle at a time! Go on a world tour, get Rescue Aliens & get caught up in this extraterrestrial jailbreak now!Discover the latest puzzle romp and put your logic & gaming skills to the test as you run around the world rescuing your UFO friends and helping them escape back into space!You’ve got alien allies on your side too, and with their unique powers you’ve got all the pieces to make each escape possible! This game brings together mobile puzzle gaming together with the lightening quick fun of accuracy-based arcade action! Set off a chain reaction with your alien allies in every level to free captive aliens and snag stars!Each of your 6 aliens have different abilities, and its up to you to figure out how to get them to jump, bounce, roll, drop, spin, and block their way to victory!Rescue Aliens features 120 uniquely challenging puzzle scenarios spread across 6 exotic countries! - Brazil, USA, France, UK, China, and India! - Coming Soon Too: Japan, Thailand, Turkey, Russia, Egypt, & Australia!Every level in Rescue Aliens features a 3 Star challenge system and there’s new interactive elements unveiled with each new Country you play through! Can’t wait? Unlock the full game, buy up Megaships (free level passes), “Play any level from any world” bonuses, and much more instantly via in-app purchase!Features: - 100’s of unique puzzle-arcade levels to play through! - Fast, fresh gameplay w/ responsive controls - that keeps you entertained for hours! - Vibrantly animated action! - Engaging 3-Star level structure keeps you motivated to play! - Universally compatible across all iOS devices! - GameCenter leaderboard integration to let you compete against friends! - Unlockable achievements to keep you motivated! - Powerful, innovative physics-engine enabled gameplay! - Optimized for iPhone 5 - Full Retina HD display support! - Diverse globetrotting level backdrops! - Original music! - Flexible settings options & user-friendly in-app store! Expand
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