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  • Summary: The galaxy wants YOU!Our galaxy is in danger... are you skilled enough to save it from the ravenous Insectoids? Take control of three heroic Robos and go on the most breathtaking jumper adventure of a lifetime. This is one game you do not want to miss out on... be the first of your friends to play it!??? Intense Power-ups, Beautiful Imagery, & Bosses Galore ???Collect powerful and unique power-ups that help you soar faster and gracefully through the skies, different worlds and monstrous bosses to conquer. Jet from platform to platform, collect the energy boots to soar through the stars, and so much more. The adventure is only just beginning...FEATURES:• Exciting gameplay keeps you on your seat. Clever and simple enough to pick up quickly, but tough to master.• Activate and upgrade awesome power-ups to help you climb the Robo Force ranks• 4 alien worlds and powerful bosses to venture through and conquer with your skills! And many more to come...• Multiple modes of gameplay to keep you occupied for hours on end, with new ones to come!• High scores to keep you on edge and competing with your friends and family for endless fun!• Beautiful artwork and cinematics to keep your visuals engaged and pleasured!• What are you waiting for? Download Robo Force now!ATTENTION: Have a question or suggestion? Email us at, we look at & respond to every email... join us to make Robo Force better, you will not be disappointed! All positive ratings and reviews happily accepted :). Expand
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  1. Jan 30, 2013
    OMG this game is so good! One of my favorite iphone games! I love the simple gameplay and the look of the fun little robots. I have yet to beat the second boss because he's a little hard, but I still love this game! play it! :) Expand
  2. Jan 30, 2013
    Amazing game, looks brilliant! I rather enjoy the futuristic soundtrack as well, totally swell.
    I think that the IAP is okay, and since the
    game is free you really can't complain. Expand
  3. Jan 30, 2013
    This game has simple gameplay, yet insanely well polished. Props to the studio that pumped this one out. I could give a few suggestions though... and that would be to add more orbs and different music fo reach level. Other than that, well done... well done. Expand