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  • Summary: ROCK TO BIG HITS BY BANDS YOU KNOW & LOVE! Play 26 FREE tracks from legendary artists. And coming at you in 2010, look for new premium tracks available at a low price in our Music Store from awesome artists like WEEZER!

    CRITICS RAVING… “ONE OF THE BEST iPhone® and iPod touch® games of the year.” - MSNBC “Rock Band is the best music/rhythm game on the App Store.” - Chris Reed, Slide to Play “2009 Mobile Star Award™ Winner - ‘SUPERSTAR’ Consumer App: Game” - _______________________________________ Your FREE playlist includes: • “Cherub Rock” / Smashing Pumpkins • “Simple Man” / Lynyrd Skynyrd • “Learn to Fly” / Foo Fighters • “All the Small Things” / Blink-182 • “Sabotage” / The Beastie Boys • “Ace of Spades ‘08” / Motörhead • “We Got the Beat” / Go-Go’s • “Girl’s Not Grey” / AFI • “Debaser” / The Pixies • “Bad to the Bone” / George Thorogood & the Destroyers Bands also featured for free in the game include: 30 Seconds To Mars…All-American Rejects…Blondie…Jethro Tull…Joan Jett…Presidents of the United States of America…Rise Against…Silversun Pickups…and Steve Miller Band! SCORE FREE & PREMIUM TRACKS FROM OUR IN-GAME MUSIC STORE Build your playlist! Download and purchase additional tracks from Smashing Pumpkins, 30 Seconds to Mars, OK Go, and Foo Fighters. Even pick up songs for FREE! DOMINATE LEADERBOARDS FOR EVERY SONG & INSTRUMENT Play like a chart-topper and show off your skill levels on the in-game leaderboards. You can also post scores to your Facebook page. ALL 4 WAYS TO PLAY, ANY DIFFICULTY Rock out on guitar, bass, drums or vocals to MP3-quality songs on easy, medium or difficult. Jump into Quickplay for casual sessions or take it on the road in Tour Mode. JAM ALONE OR WITH FRIENDS Play solo, push it to the limit with live Bluetooth Multiplayer, or sync up with bandmates via Facebook on your own time. EARN THE PERKS ALL ALONG THE WAY Start out playing in grungy dives and work all the way up to stadium-rock stardom. Collect rewards and achievements that provide replay value and depth to even the most experienced Rock Band veterans. _______________________________________ NOTE: Rock Band requires 3.0+ OS. For more info, visit us at _______________________________________ CHECK OUT OUR OTHER EXCITING GAMES: TETRIS®, The Sims™ 3, Dragon’s Lair, MONOPOLY, MADDEN NFL 10 by EA Sports™ & Need for Speed™ Shift COMING SOON:  SPORE™ Creatures & The Simpsons™ Arcade VISIT US: FOLLOW US: FIND US: Expand
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  1. Sep 10, 2012
    The Rock Band series is one of the best series of rhythm games out there, and for good reason you get to play your favorite instruments with your friends and it makes even the most tone deaf of people (like myself) rock-stars for a short period of time. One question you need to ask yourself before buying this game is do you want to pay for a mediocre phone game or the full-fledged experience on a console? You still get to play the multiple instruments but your basically just doing the same thing for all of them except the vocals, and it's just not as much fun as playing the songs on the instruments made for the console versions. You get a great selection of music, but there's a sound glitch that makes it where you can't hear the music at all, yeah a rhythm game without music, and it brings down the whole game. There's still multiplayer but your friends probably will want to play the real deal on consoles. Do yourself a favor save your cash for a console version. Expand