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  • Summary: Get ready to command and conquer - Roman Empires: Military Wars brings you combat in real time strategy (RTS) and turn based strategy (TBS) set in the action-packed online world of war-torn medieval Europe. Play as a young king leading his subjects to build a prosperous and mighty city state. Use your wisdom to manage various aspects of your empire, from gathering resources to constructing buildings. Recruit an undefeatable army of veteran soldiers and celebrated generals while you carefully develop your military technology. Display your prowess in the art of war by waging battle against other warrior kings, and put your diplomatic skills to use as you develop relationships with other players. Forge alliances with other states and stand shoulder to shoulder with them in the theater of war. Assign heroes to lead your armies to battle. Compete with other kingdoms and become king of kings in Roman Empires: Military Wars! Note: A network connection is required to play Features: - Free to play! - Rustic, painting-inspired art style - Riveting mix of real time and turn based strategy mechanics - Build a vast and powerful army - Manage your kingdom's resources and city planning - Train, equip, and upgrade your military - Research various military technologies - Unique and well-designed hero units - Forge an alliance with friends - Race to the top of the leaderboards! - The top 2 players will compete daily for a chance to be crowned king of kings - Display your royal authority by promoting or assigning titles to other players ** Please note that while this app is free, it contains content paid for with real money that can be purchased upon users' wish to enhance their gaming experience. You can disable in-app purchases by adjusting your device’s settings. ** Expand
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