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  • Summary: Rules for the Daring - a handy reference for Rogues, Rangers, Monks and all those who take advantage of their environment.* Currently selling at a special launch price *The mighty wizard stands at the precipice his hand upraised, holding the blackened staff that could mean the end to our adventurers' quest and destruction for the town that they defend. The handsome footpad appears from behind the ridge, bow in hand, his face shadowed in darkness, and … - Tony asks, "So, are all the attacks I make this round sneak attacks?"That's right - at the pivotal point in his character's story arc Tony's dramatic moment hangs in the balance. If you can answer quickly you might save the mood, and the story. Or it might take ten minutes to consult the rule books: first you need check the rules on sneak attacks, then the rules on hiding, then Andy says he remembers something about being able to take a ranged attack and then hide immediately afterwards. Meanwhile, Jim keeps checking his watch. Just when you think you have everyone settled down and restored the dramatic mood, Rachel wonders if sneaking up behind the wizard would be a better choice.We all love the OGL rules but they are not the most thoughtfully presented set of rules in existence. There are apps for the iPhone that contain the entirety of the rules and they are great - they can cut down those ten minutes to seven. But with a little thought about which rules stop the game in the middle of the drama we have cut that time down further.Your story is worth the effort. It's great to run games for creative players.So What Is It?The rules given in this app are edited with the goal of making them available as a quick reference. They are an edited version of the Revised (3.5) System Reference Document. The RSRD is a comprehensive toolbox consisting of rules compatible with Edition 3.5 of the most popular fantasy role-playing system in history. It is Open Game Content under the Open Game License.You won't need to wade through the spell descriptions to get to the Sniping rules, because the spell descriptions are not in here. You can rely on the player of the cleric to have written down the rules of any spell he's planning to use in combat. This app contains only the rules for: Concealment, Cover, Defense, Disarms, Feints, Grapples, Off-hand attacks, Sneak Attacks, Sniping, Splash Weapons, Trips, Tumbling and a reminder of the basic rules for a round.With such a small list you'll be at the section you need within seconds.Take a look. It's not expensive and it could save your scene.SourcesAs I put this app together I noticed that there were some questions that the RSRD didn't answer directly. Fortunately the RSRD isn't the only source of rulings, and I tracked down an official answer (or near-answer) to each question posed. In the Sources section I reference where I found them.The commonly used sources are:• The Revised (v.3.5) System Reference Document (RSRD) itself• The Official D&D Game Rule FAQ v3.5 (FAQ)• Articles by Skip Williams (co-designer of Dungeons & Dragons 3rd Edition) published at Wizards of the Coast website• Answers from "The Sage" - Andy Collins (co-author of Dungeons & Dragons 4th Edition)What You Need to KnowThe rules have edge cases and exceptions. There is a risk that you could memorize all the rules but still not see how they combine to affect the outcome of common situations. With this app, I've added sections titled "What You Need To Know" which explain the implications of the rules. What I Need to KnowPlease do drop me a line at to tell me if you've found a more authoritative source for a rule. And Finally By popular request Rules for the Daring now stores relevant modifiers for the die rolls referenced and a die roller too! Expand
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