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  • Summary: Run Devil Run is a quick paced, arcade style game. Play as a devil in this simple yet challenging game where you simply tap anywhere on the screen to jump! You can even double jump by tapping during a jump! (it blows our mind too). Goal: -Run through a procedurally generated world of danger as you progressively get faster and faster to rack up points! Points are great. They tell you that you're getting better.

    -Procedurally generated level
    -Super simple gameplay (a dog can play)
    -Run faster and faster
    -Hardcore music when you get a powerup
    -Multiple enemies and things to burn
    -Saves your highscore!
    -If you buy this game you are cool.

    -Keep your finger on the screen after a tap to do a higher jump!
    -Mines play a distinct beeping sound before appearing.
    -The caution signs for missiles will show what height a missile will come from.
    -Avoiding obstacles is more important than burning things.
    -The best way to avoid arches are to simply run through them.
    -The speed power up will make the game harder. However, it will grant you 1000 points.
    -Burning things will increase your score! DESTROY DESTROY!
    -Listen carefully during the "SUPER" power up. You are only invincible for 10 seconds.


    Okay so it's not that complex and you won't play for 10 hours straight. But it's fantastic when you're waiting for cookies to bake. It's the cost of a candy bar too, how great is that? Halo costs $60 and you don't want to boot an Xbox while baking cookies. At least we hope.
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