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  • Summary: =================================== BEST MATCH-3 PUZZLE GAME AVAILABLE ON APP STORE! ARCADE VERSION OF AWARD WINNING SAMURAI PUZZLE BATTLE GAME. =================================== Alternative version of medieval Japan torn by war… Steam engines, flying machines, magic and demons meet in one place… After mysterious death of the emperor, Japan is getting weaker. Shoguns are trying to get as much wealth as possible – be the one, who dominates four biggest islands.

    In this excellent Puzzle game you can choose one of six warlords or dozens of other units, like Spiders, Ghosts, Archers or Tanks – all with different strengths and abilities and play in 8 different battle scenarios:
    - Battle – try yourself against other warlords or creatures in turn based game
    - Normal – collect items in bejewelled like game
    - Time Attack – match elements quickly so that you don’t let the progress bar fall to zero
    - Collector – collect certain items before the time is up
    - Eliminator – eliminate certain items out of board before the time is up
    - Ghost Hunt – match elements that are w ithin the green shadow of the boss
    - Gems – match structures till they are picked up
    - Siege – don’t let any of the bars fall to zero

    Samurai Puzzle Battle succeeds in reviews and scored great notes from the biggest websites. Check out for more information!

    Age rating: 4+

    Available languages:
    English, French, Italian, German, Spanish
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