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  • Summary: Draw the rope to feed him with delicious cookies! Discover this clever puzzle game with amazing graphics and animation where YOU have the power to draw the rope on the screen!STORYOne day a little octopus Yammi, the hero of our game, was peacefully swimming in waters of Mexican Gulf. Suddenly, an angry, hungry and a bit crazy shark appeared and started chasing him. While escaping, Yammi spotted a big and strange pipe on the floor of Gulf. Having no choice he decided to tap the plug and hide himself inside the pipe. But the pipe sucked him in and he found himself in the State of Washington, Seattle, USA. The crazy shark was also sucked in into the pipe, but got stuck in it. On the other end of the pipe Yammi found himself in a life-threatening situation. He decided to escape through the water pipe system to get back to his home in Gulf of MexicoHOW TO SAVE YAMMIThe game design of Save Yammi requires you to think outside the box, drawing an on-screen rope that will let you feed a delicious cookie to Yammi! It features over 100 different levels, each one packed with various ways in which you can feed his appetite, while collecting stars for bonus points. Using a fine mixture of touch-screen and gyroscopic controls, players will have to be the most creative possible to get the highest scores ! In addition to a variety of stages, Save Yammi also features beautiful high-quality visuals and uniquely animated characters, along with full support for GameCenter, so you can keep track of your accomplishments. FEATURES• High-quality graphics• Innovative main gameplay feature• Lots of different ways to complete levels• Funny character and universe• 100 diversified levels• Gyroscopic and touch controls• Game Center with tons of achievement--------------------------------CURIOUS? More info Expand
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  1. Aug 17, 2011
    If you love Cut the Rope, then there is little reason for you not to like this. The biggest mark against it is isn't made by the same people, thus making it feel like a bigger knock-off on the surface than it really is.
  2. 83
    Save Yammi is a delightful surprise. Graphically too close to Cut the Rope yet nevertheless very accomplished and in possession of original gameplay, thereby distilling simple pleasures. The only criticism relates to its shortish lifespan and an accelerometer control method more suited to iPhone than iPad.
  3. Aug 12, 2011
    Strikingly similar in style and presentation to the app store stalwart, Save Yammi attempts to differentiate itself via its rope-drawing mechanics and tilt-based interaction with great success.
  4. Aug 22, 2011
    When judged on its own merits, Save Yammi is a creative puzzler with cute graphics, reliable physics and charm. It offers something a little different into the iOS puzzle game world, which is welcome, especially for those of us who have been cutting ropes for a long time and want a fresh challenge in a friendly and familiar form.
  5. Aug 17, 2011
    A good casual puzzle game well worth getting if you want to have a new spin on the "feed candy to an animal using ropes". To me the ability to affect the cookie by tilting the device limited my enjoyment, and the need to plan ahead. Despite the fact that it failed to grab me it still provided me with hours of gametime, and that is what casual gaming is all about.
  6. Aug 22, 2011
    Some excellent level design aside, the rope-drawing structure behind Save Yammi tends to frustrate more than it does inspire.