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  • Summary: "Did you hear the monsters howling last night?""He's probably out there massacring them. Scaresoul."Fantastical beasts have been attacking people in the dead of night.Covered with fear, rumors of a mysterious person in the modest town begin to spread. A man who slaughters fiends wholesale and devours their souls.Is he their savior? Or a demon himself?Unsure, the frightened townsfolk have given him a name. Scaresoul.3D action with a simple interface and rich graphics!Introducing ScareSoul!A free game available on GREE!Stylish timing-based battles on your smartphone!- Battle swarms of enemies!- Quickly switch weapons to form powerful AC Combos (Arms Change)!- Ultra-slow motion Critical Chances!- Unleash spectacular Soul Bursts to vanquish your foes!- Gather the souls of your enemies to upgrade your equipment and skills!Customize your character and equipment!- Use gathered souls and items to strengthen your weapons!- Give your equipment special abilities with gems to make them even stronger!- Combine different skills to create your own personal style![About Logins]- SCARESOUL requires a valid account and login with GREE.- This application can be downloaded for free through GREE.- This game communicates with our servers. Connection times may vary.[About In-Game Coins]- In-app purchases rely on in-game coins which are exclusive to each application. These are available within each app.- In-game coins can only be used in the iOS app in which they are purchased. (i.e. Grand Soul is only usable within the "SCARESOUL" iOS application.- In-game coins for each app may be used within that app only. Coins from other apps may not be used.[Using the GREE Application]- More and more free iOS apps are being added to GREE.- GREE is a fully featured social network, with Friends, Photos, and private and public messages.- You can make and invite friends using the contact details you provide.- You can even exchange e-mails with your friends.- You can take part in various themed communities and find others who share your interests. Expand
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