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  • Summary: ScatterBuddies is a great party game to connect you and your friends and have a great time.***********GET IT WHILE ITS HOT! 50% off for a limited timeThe full version allows you to create online games, to have more time answering your questions and to create local games that last longer and include more than 3 players.***********Each player must name one answer for a list of questions, or categories, like:- The name of a Hollywood Blockbuster- A Movie starring Kevin Bacon- A Three letter word- A games you played as a kid- Something you'd find in an airport(and on and on)OH... and the hard part, all your answers must start with the letter C (or another random letter chosen when the game starts).After each player answers, you can judge each others answers to decide which answers are worth points and which aren't. If someone two players give the same answer neither player gets points. You can play ScatterBuddies online to take your party virtual. Or bring the party right where you are and pass a single device around to your buddies.WIth online play, you can sign in with Facebook and get a game started with a few of your favorite Facebook friends. The winner gets coins that can be traded for some cool game perks (coming soon).ScatterBuddies is a super fun game for you and your buds. Give it a try! Expand
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