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  • Summary: Summary of Extra Features in This Version:* Retina* No Ads, Extra Row in GamePlay* Classic, Arcade & TimedAttack Modes* Facebook, GameCenter Integration* 4 Difficulty Settings ( Easy, Medium, Hard & Extreme)* ~310,000 WordsScatterWords is a time attack word game that challenges the player to find words within a scattered letter grid. As new words are found, additional time is allocated to the timer as a reward the player. In addition each word is scored depending on length of the word and the character (i.e.: Z, Q are worth more). The grid is designed specifically for speed and ease of use, the main game screen is designed to be touch and instinctively easy to control. When words are located the letters "scatter", new letters are added and the grid reformed ready for another word. In this version there are 4 difficulty settings easy, medium, hard & extreme. Extreme is for players who have a quick minute or two to test their skills against a dashing clock. Easy will allow the player's to obtain their highest score and/or who want to play to a more slower pace. There is 2 Extra Modes in this version:* Arcade (11 Levels) For Casual Play where there are 4 special items:- Collect Stars to Earn Extra Time at the End of Each Level- Avoid Bomb’s at all cost, it ends the game- Flame Destroys a Single Tile if you’re stuck or need to remove a bomb- Ice Slows Down time to give you maximum time to find wordsCapture the item by finding a word, then use them to aid you in your time battle.* Timed Attack - This is a test of skill where you have a limited set time to get the most words as possibleAdditional Features:GameCenter Integration gives you quick access to your scores and your progress on the ladder.There are no Adverts and an additional line of tiles is unlocked giving you an extra advantage in finding words.Statistics are accessible from the main menu to give the player a self-challenge to improve and better their score/time. Beat your own time, score and locate the longest word, Test your skills now. Expand
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