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  • Summary: A biblical game that challenges your decoding skills and at the same time lets you gain the wisdom of the New Testament. Fun for everyone.ScriptoQuoth is a word puzzle game based on Scripture. Fill in missing letters to decrypt a verse. “Pass the Word” by sending your favorites to friends and family. _nd Jesus s_id unto him, Re_eive th sig_t: th_ f_ith h_t_ s_ved t_ee. Luke 18:42 The game gets tougher as you advance – fewer clues, fewer mistakes accepted – but don’t despair, the more you play the better you’ll get and the more rewards (virtual and spiritual) you’ll accrue. V_r_ly, v_r_ly, _ say u_to you, He that bel_eveth o_ me hath everla_t_ng l_fe. John 6:47 One last thing reminder: Whenever you discover a passage that you find amazing you can instantly share it with friends via Facebook, Twitter, SMS or E-mail. Y_ s_all kn_w t__ tr_t_, and t__ tr_t_ s_all make y_u fr__. John 8:32Here are some key features of ScriptoQuoth:? Select one letter and all of the same letter are also selected? Whether your native English is American or the Queen’s, you can play using the dictionary spelling you prefer? Modify the screen size to see the entire quote, or play the level a few words at a time? Forward quotes to your friends or favorite great quotes in the game for a future pick me up.? Over 2 days of non-stop game play; topics for faith, discipline and love? Rankings – From Heathen to Bible Thumper to God-Favored :) (1M points required)? Difficulty – free levels for the average enthusiast, hard and expert puzzles for the cryptogram crazies among usFollow us on twitter @scriptoquoth Feel free to give us feedback at Have fun! What the fool does in the end the wise man does in the beginning. Unknown Author Expand
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