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  • Summary: Winner of the "411Mania Elite Award"! -- "One of the more exciting casual games to come across the App Store is Segment."

    RESOLUTE Games Corp., the company that brought you the innovative gameplay of ThumStruck, presents Segment.

    You've seen slide puzzles, but none
    like this. In Segment, you race against the clock to win gold, silver, and bronze medals. These medals are saved to your Camera Roll, where you can show them off as trophies.

    But watch out! The rumble timer is always moving, and when it reaches zero, a 2x2 quadrant of the puzzle gets shuffled, slowing your progress and adding a new level of challenge.

    NOTE: An update will allow players to switch the rumble timer on and off.

    Segment comes with four pictures from RESOLUTE Games Corp.'s artists. You can also choose to solve a picture from your own Camera Roll. The chosen picture gets segmented into a 4x4 slide puzzle which you must solve by moving each square into its correct location.

    NOTE: don't slide the squares, just tap them to make them move.

    The game is set to a beautiful guitar adagio by American Guitar Institute, and you can endlessly add your own pictures; so the game never gets old.

    Copyright 2009 RESOLUTE Games Corp.

    "Segment Theme" written and performed by American Guitar Institute and owned by RESOLUTE Games Corp. All rights reserved.
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