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  • Summary: **PROMOTIONAL PRICE OF $0.99** **FOR THIS WEEKEND** Next Update: - Sounds! -------------- The Shady Puzzle! -------------- Homework was so much more fun when it was called coloring! Remember those old lined exercise books in school, with light blue squares and red margins you used for drawing and math questions? And do you recall 'inventing' your own games when tic-tac-toe finally got boring? Well, here's a game we've invented that got so addictive, we turned the old exercise book into an iPhone app. Imagine friends from all around that school of your’s, or workplace, or party flocking to solve your puzzle. Wouldn't you have been glad to create something like this back then? We did. And now you can have it. Try it out, get addicted, get shady. The Shady Puzzle ------------------------------ An amazing app by Lambdamu Games and Game Ventures This game has been painstakingly developed for the avid gamer and the puzzle enthusiasts, with gameplay elements from both genres. In the style of traditional puzzles like Nonograms, Picross, and Hanjie, and with the addictive powers of Sudoku, this premier app sets the standard for what puzzle games on the iPhone should be. +Ingenuous & Elegant Puzzle Concept +Intuitive App Interface Design +Innovative Level Progression System +Exciting Achievement Rewards +Various Gameplay Modes The reason this game is so appealing is because it’s got something for all of us. After painstaking development & rigorous testing it’s finally out, so download quickly before the price goes up! ------------------------ We take pride in this product, so if you have any feedback or suggestions for this game, you can email us at We appreciate all your comments & hope you lurrrrve the Shady Puzzle App. The Shady Puzzle App site: The Original Shady Puzzle site: Expand
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